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Letter: James Iacino for Colorado’s 3rd Congressional District

If there’s ever been a time when capable, thoughtful, and steady leadership in Congress is crucial, it’s now. Colorado communities are digging deep to meet unprecedented challenges as we emerge from current public health and economic crises, but this will be a long and complex game. While COVID-19 is the culprit, it has shown a spotlight on many “pre-existing conditions” related to job and economic security, health care, education, and environmental sustainability that need both immediate and sustained attention.

This is a tough time, but also an opportunity for the State of Colorado to show continued leadership and creativity, not only recovering from crises but openly and honestly addressing legacy issues and emerging stronger, more sustainable, and more capable of weathering future challenges. 

Colorado’s 3rd Congressional District includes the western half of Eagle County. While Vail, Avon, and the outskirts of Edwards fall into District 2, the majority of Edwards, Wolcott, Eagle and points west are District 3 (yep — it’s confusing — I had to look it up!). District 3 is predominantly mountain and rural, including many iconic tourist destinations. Small and medium-sized businesses are the backbone of the economy.

We are lucky to have multiple passionate and experienced candidates vying for the District 3 Congressional seat, but for me, James Iacino stands out as the clear choice. James brings a combination of intellect, energy, experience, integrity, and insight. He also brings an intimate understanding of District 3’s varied communities and economies, as well as a history of working collaboratively with state government and industry leaders. 
 James Iacino is — like me — a third-generation Coloradan. He worked his way up through a family business (Seattle Fish Company) which he now runs. His experience spans the state geographically and includes admirable successes, as well as lessons learned during difficult economic times. He has demonstrated his commitment to a resilient and equitable economy and to environmental sustainability in tangible ways, as evidenced by multiple awards and recognition, including participation in the Governor’s Fellowship Program which focused on Colorado’s growth and innovation challenges. 

James’ impressive resume reflects his understanding of the imperatives for economic prosperity and healthy communities … including strong government, good governance, transparency, and cross-sector collaboration. I’ve been impressed with James’ approach and values, and his intention to work with and for Colorado communities to address real issues and challenges in a bipartisan, inclusive, and constructive way. 
I will be voting for James Iacino for Colorado’s 3rd Congressional District and encourage you to do the same. At a minimum, I encourage you to have a look at James’ webpage (jamesforcolorado.com), and to take advantage of opportunities to get to know James and other candidates as we approach the primary elections in June. 

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Roseann Casey


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