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Letter: Jen Mason represents the best of Vail

In a valley that seems to do everything possible to make it difficult for a regular person to live and work with an economically balanced life, there are still a few left who have figured out how. They are the small threading of the shrinking local community that has put roots down deep and struggled to maintain their footing. They have not been pushed downvalley or out of the valley completely as of yet. It is those that keep the town of Vail a town and not a resort.   

Of course, this is a love-hate balance to live in a place where outsiders want to invest in but really do not live there. Their objective is, of course, to enjoy all the luxuries that our visionaries created from passion while at the same time hoping their investment increases in value for their short stay. Which we all know for the regular person literally prices them out of the market.   This is unfortunate as those being priced out are the most valuable people in a community. They are who make it a town.  

The difficult part of this is to find the right people to represent what is left of those rooted community members. It is a small population but thankfully a passionate one. One of those members of the Vail community is Jen Mason. This is her home in every aspect. She is a very rare breed that is involved at so many levels. From the bottom up. I was so excited to hear, when an empty seat was being left at the Colorado Snowsports Museum, that Jen would be the person to pick up where another great leader of our community left off. And now I see Jen is running for re-election for Vail Town Council. Admittedly, I do not live in Vail proper. I’m a resident of Avon for over 30 years. But I do care very much about the town of Vail because even though I may not be registered there, I live in it. Please vote for Jen Mason.

Chris Anthony


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