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Letter: Just a nip, not a bite

As someone who has been a responsible dog owner for 22 of the 23 years my wife and I have lived in EagleVail, I certainly didn’t appreciate the cavalier attitude of the woman I passed on the groomed trail with her two friends and three loose dogs. After her dog grabbed the back of my calf with its teeth when I had come to a halt on my Nordic skis, I alerted her that the dog had bitten me and asked her to please leash her dog as my wife approached. 

“Oh it’s not a big deal, it was just a nip” was her retort as she continued on with her unleashed dog. How incredibly rude and irresponsible. The welt on my calf makes it seem like it was more than just a nip. Shame on you, dog owner.

Hap Young


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