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Letter: Just curious

Saturday morning I walked from our store in Edwards to the Edwards post office to drop off a package to be mailed. It’s just across the street and the weather was perfect for a short walk. I make this walk most every Saturday to ship a package or two and to check my box for any mail.

Thankfully the elections are behind us and all the misleading political propaganda is no longer filling my box so that there is room for the bills that need to be paid. Periodically I drive over if the weather is a bit crazy but this was a good morning for a walk. As I approached the post office I notice four cars were parked out front. My package is already prepaid so I can just drop it off in the mail slot instead of waiting for the post office to open at 10 as they do on Saturdays. I assume since it is about 15 minutes prior to 10 that the four cars out front are waiting until the office opens so they can do their business.

What perked my interest in all four cars was that all of them were idling, engines running with drivers in them. Granted is was cold, maybe 25 degrees, but it was blue skies and sunny, enough to warm up the inside of most cars but then again maybe they all just arrived and had not yet turned off their engines. I entered the building, dropped off my package in the mail slot, went to my post box and collected my bills. I stopped for a few minutes and talked to someone I recognized, mask and all and then departed, stopping to grab a Vail Daily from the newspaper box outside front door of the post office.

All said, maybe 5 minutes had gone by since I had entered. As I went back out to walk across the street I noticed the same four cars were there, all with engines still idling, drivers inside with their phones in front of them reading something. I wondered why would anyone sit in their car with the engine running for whatever period of time prior to my arrival, during my time inside and now as I leave, given all that we hear about the impact our lifestyles have on the environment.

As I walked past the cars I turned around for whatever reason and saw something that struck me much like some of the actions of some of our leading politicians actions do. One car had a Biden-Harris bumper sticker in the back window, another had a worn Obama 08 bumper sticker on the bumper, the third car had, now get this, a green bumper sticker that read in white letters, Make America Green Again. The fourth car was just a new Subaru, no stickers, as of yet. Just curious.

Dennis O’Halloran


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