Letter: Just leave our flag at half-staff

Just leave our flag at half-mast … permanently. Everyone who supports the NRA is so concerned about their Second Amendment rights. How about a right for common sense? How about our constitutional right to life and liberty?

Our Founding Fathers, in their infinite wisdom, were obviously not guaranteeing the right of every citizen to open carry a military grade killing machine in our public domain that fires 60 rounds in a minute.

NRA, you can have your constitutional right to bear arms in an organized militia. NRA, you can have your right to a one shot cap and ball black powder rifle as visualized and guaranteed by our Constitution.

The NRA members and all the politicians that have been bought, bribed and persuaded by the weapons industry have blood on their hands. Little children’s blood — this time, again.

The Republican Party, with all of its obstruction and gun control rollbacks, should be ashamed.

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Sandy Hook was not enough horror for you guys? When will enough be enough?

Ted Seipel


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