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Letter: Just more hate

Richard Carnes must believe his readers are as ignorant as he is when he states “nonviolent demonstrators” are protesting in Portland. That’s a line of thinking many Democrats proclaim. Presume they believe all Americans are stupid and do not watch the news on TV. Well, why don’t you tell that to the U.S. Marshals — you know, the ones who are having balloons filled with kerosene or feces thrown at them, commercial fireworks exploding, setting one marshal’s clothing on fire, laser beams that have blinded three marshals, fires started all around the federal building, powerful slingshots firing ball bearings, firing pellet guns at them, armed with ball bats and pipes. 

Federal marshals and all law enforcement officers risk their lives every day in our dangerous environment, and you have the nerve to call these people “Gestapo” — a Nazi reference would only be used by a lowlife, hate-filled human being. There is seething anger of the silent majority out here who will speak up in November. I believe Oregon and Washington are now in play for Trump.  

Ron Ownby


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