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Letter: Just say ‘no’ to Avon barn question

T.J. Voboril’s column on March 23, entitled ‘The power of ‘No'” inspired us to write a letter applying this principle to a current situation in Avon. To paraphrase Voboril: The power of “No” does not come from a stubborn refusal to change one’s views, but rather from rational opposition.

In our business careers, while it was prudent to say “yes” to many of the requests from senior management, we found that a strategic “no,” on occasion, was the right response. “No” stimulated a thoughtful discussion about priorities so that the organization could better allocate resources to meet its most critical needs. This was especially valuable for organizations with limited resources or those experiencing financial challenges. We believe this to be applicable in Avon’s situation regarding the Hahnewald barn.

Our message to the Avon Town Council has been and continues to be very simple. Many of us are saying “no” to the barn, not because we are stubborn barn haters, but because we oppose the spending of our tax dollars on this effort. We recognize that the town has limited resources and the $1.6M price tag that is estimated for Phase 1 is just the tip of the $8M (or more) Hahnewald barn iceberg. We believe that there are higher priorities for how our tax dollars should be utilized. The town needs to stop the anticipated spending spree on the barn and reconsider the long-term ramifications of this decision.

“No” is not always well received, especially when feelings or “history” are involved. However, in many cases, it is the right answer. In the Hahnewald barn situation, “no” is the answer if you support prudent investments in Avon’s future. “No” is the answer if you believe that Avon needs to channel our tax dollars toward the highest priority projects to benefit the broadest spectrum of residents. “No” is the answer we need to send loud and clear to the Avon Town Council on the community survey.

We’d like to thank the Avon community members who have taken the time to send their thoughtful responses regarding the barn to the Vail Daily and to those who have already submitted their ballots. We urge those of you who have not yet voted to do so.  Ballots for the Avon Community Survey are due on April 2.  Please vote no and send a message to the Avon Town Council to listen to constituents and stop wasting our taxpayer dollars.

Pam and Peter Warren


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