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Letter: Just wondering

Regarding John LaConte’s story titled, “Avon seeks court opinion on recall effort, ask yourself:

  • Why would the town of Avon need to go to court, if opponents of the recall claim they have a Supreme Court decision that backs up their interpretation of recall petitioners allegedly needing 496 signatures, instead of 330 or 300 signatures, as one Colorado Revised Statute law points out, and one Colorado Secretary of State Rule points out? Proponents checked with a senior judge who could not find any Supreme Court case on point. The Avon Recall Committee turned in approximately 620 signatures, and the town of Avon claims that 435 signatures are valid.
  • If town of Avon officials proclaim that they are transparent, why aren’t they transparently pointing out this alleged Supreme Court decision that allegedly backs up their position? If the town could actually point to a Supreme Court decision on point, don’t you think proponents would consider backing off their claims of foul play and improper interpretation by the town?
  • And, why would the town of Avon file a lawsuit and spend taxpayer money, instead of waiting to get sued by the Avon Recall proponents, to defend a lawsuit?

Just asking for a friend.

Michael Cacioppo


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