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Letter: Keep Freedom Park free of fencing

Eagle County commissioners are planning to segregate and fence off Freedom Park with little (one week) notice to users of Freedom Park. Two small posters announcing the proposed fence and plans were posted at Freedom Park at waist level and directly in front of where cars park making the posting nearly unnoticeable. A map of the proposed fencing is shown as well as an email address for comments. I saw the poster on Thursday evening, even though I am a daily user of the park. On Friday, I called Eagle County to ask why we, the users, have only the two posters announcing a significant change.   

I was told the commissioners want feedback from the public. Please go to the Eagle County website, under the facilities section, and see the map and information that was recently posted. Please note that a decision-making meeting is to take place on Tuesday in the Eagle County Room at 2 p.m. in Eagle.  

The poster at the park says the installation will take place in October. Hmmm… little notice of the action, one week to give feedback and a planned install date. Sounds to me like this has already been decided? I have lived full-time in Eagle County for 12 years. I am a twice-daily frequenter of the park and I have never ever heard of a dog-on-human interaction and have seen less than a handful of minor dog-on-dog interactions, which according to the Eagle County person I spoke with on Friday, are the reasons being used to determine the fencing need.   

I would like to see the statistics used to make such a determination. Please post them for all to see. It defies logic to put all dogs and owners in a smaller area with the thought that it will ameliorate negative dog-on-dog negative interactions. Logic says exactly the opposite. To say nothing about breaking up the open space with an ugly fence and impeding the access to the entire periphery of the park for walkers, runners, cyclists, stargazers, memorial visitors and out-of-town visitors.   

Freedom Park is used by hundreds of residents and visitors daily for exercise, social gatherings, dog play dates and fishing.  A fence will negatively impact all users and ruin the beautiful open park we now have.  Please give your feedback to the Eagle County commissioners by emailing them at: eagleadmin@eaglecounty.us and do so before Tuesday. Keep our park free of fencing.

Peg Rumaine 

Eagle County

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