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Letter: Keeping the conversation going on Gallagher

Chris Romer makes a strong case in his commentary titled, “Let’s Talk Gallagher”, in the Friday Vail Daily. 

Being the leader of the Vail Valley Partnership, it’s understandable that he supports repealing Gallagher, which caused the trend shifting the property tax burden more to businesses and less from residential sources. I have been a businessman in the valley for 26 years, and I know local businesses need all the help they can get to survive here. I also understand that the biggest obstacle most businesses and other organizations face is attracting and retaining employees, and the high cost of housing is a major factor whether you rent or own. 

Romer states at the end of his commentary article, “be sure to remember that Amendment B and local initiatives will not raise property taxes but rather freeze them at current rates.” My property taxes have risen nearly every year for 26 years with Gallagher in place. 

You can be certain that the property tax dollars we pay, whether directly to the county or through rent, will rise even faster if these initiatives pass, making the cost of living in this valley increase even faster.

Randy Olin


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