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Letter: Keiser for school board

Andrew Keiser is a great choice for Eagle County Schools Board of Education. Over the past several years, we have seen a wide variety of proposals and new ideas placed in front of the board, from simple calendar changes to much larger issues such as curriculum modifications and newly conceived health requirements. All things should be considered, but often these proposed changes are hasty, trendy and sometimes potentially detrimental.

Once accepted and put into place, it’s difficult to reverse course and repair any damage done. Personally, I experienced this as an elementary student in the 1970s. Our school board approved an experimental teaching method for spelling using phonetic symbols rather than proper letters and words. New curriculum was purchased and teachers had to adapt; yet, one year later we had to forget everything we learned and start over. New ideas are not always better.

Keiser won’t jump on the latest trend. He can be trusted to dig into new proposals, analyze them fairly and make decisions based on what is best for the budgets, the students and the parents alike. But he won’t be stubborn if something needs an update. The school board is in place to help guide public education in Eagle County. However, ultimately the responsibility of teaching children lies with the parents, and Keiser will support the parents, students and teachers equally.

I have known Keiser for close to 20 years, worked with him professionally and watched him and his wife raise a great family. His clients return to work with him. His fellow workers complement him. His family spends time together. He is a focused, detail-oriented, even-keeled personality. His work ethic, his knowledge and his respect for others will benefit the Eagle County School Board immensely. Vote for Keiser.

Steve Michonski

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