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Letter: Keiser, Sink, Bergquist, Avila, Cunningham for school board

I am writing in support of Andrew Keiser, Kyla Sink, Heather Bergquist, Maribel G. Avila and Susan Cunningham for Eagle County School District Board of Eduction. The vitriol from the left has gone on way too long. I usually cast my vote and think, “What will be will be.” Not this time. The comments on social media are disturbing.

I’ve read how people should vote against religious, racist and radical candidates. The left wants to make the opposition to be so “radical” that one cannot vote for them. Breaking news: There are opposing views to your liberal views. So much for the days of compromise and working together respectfully. Things have gotten just plain nasty.

Let’s take a look at religion, racism and radical policies. The left has a “religion,” just like a Christian does. Religion to a Christian is truth: God. Religion to a liberal is environmentalism, “sustainability” and Mother Earth. That’s believing in something, right? Racism is found in Critical Race Theory that is being pushed by the left. Oppressors and victims are created. It further divides people in this country, which is what the left wants. Kids should not be exposed to this garbage. Simply teach subjects such as history (real history), English, math, science, physical education and business. Ah, the good ole days!

Lastly, “radical” policies: face masks and vaccinations. Now those are radical policies! Forcing and mandating kids to wear a face mask in school is ridiculous and not necessary. Let the little ones breathe as they learn! And for kids to get the vaccine is also ridiculous. Another form of child abuse. It simply isn’t necessary. They have strong immune systems. And please spare me the “what if it saves one child’s life?” line, as you liberals support abortion.

Parents are to protect their children, not use them as a social experiment. Liberals think they are so righteous wearing masks and encouraging the vaccine. Whatever happened to their chant of “my body, my choice?” Hypocrites. As for transgenderism, it is scary what is being taught to kids nowadays. One is born a male or a female. It’s that simple. Any other discussion beyond this is a waste of time. These kids have enough anxiety as it is with academics, peer pressure, athletics, puberty and home life. No need to pile on their already-heavy anxiety.

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Hopefully good candidates like the ones mentioned above will win and bring common sense to the school board. It is scary where the left is taking this country and how they want to use kids to advance their warped agenda. Conservatives stand for one very important thing: truth. Let’s continue to take a stand.

Paul M. Gallagher


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