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Letter: Keith Klesner for Holy Cross board

An executive team draws strength from a diversity of specialties, and Keith Klesner’s background specialty in digital infrastructure (cloud computing) is exactly the knowledge that Holy Cross needs to support our transition to 100% clean power by 2030.

Our electric grid is controlled via interconnected computers and smart meters. Recent malware attacks on the Colonial pipeline and Snowpocalypse in Texas demonstrate the absolute necessity to protect our grid from malicious hacks, all while our grid becomes more and more reliant on the internet to regulate demand response between energy consumers and power producers.

Keith exemplifies the best qualities of a military veteran — excellent logistics and discipline while working as a team member to achieve a goal. At the same time he is humble and open-minded, but not afraid to call attention to problems if and when they may arise.

Keith will not fall victim to group think. He drives a Tesla, but doesn’t tell everyone about it. Keith’s digital infrastructure knowledge is an asset to Holy Cross that we need to advance our 100% clean energy goals. Vote for Keith Klesner as your Northern District representative.

Patrick Tvarkunas


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