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Letter: Kudos to Eagle County Paramedics

I would like to give a shout out to the Eagle County Paramedics.

On Friday, April 1 (no joke), I had what presented as a cardiac event. My niece, who was visiting for a few days, recognized that I was in distress (chest pain, jaw pain, upper back pain, severe sweating) and urged me to go to Vail Health Hospital. I agreed and she started to drive me.

As we got to the bottom of Homestead Drive, I asked her to go to the paramedics behind the post office. She did, she ran in to tell them what was happening and they immediately came out to the car to evaluate what was happening. They got me into an ambulance to assess and saw my blood pressure was spiking and made the decision to take me to Vail Health Hospital.

As you can imagine, this is a freak-out time for many people. I was touched by how calming, soothing and professional they were with me in the process of transport as well as the hand-off at the hospital.

If you know someone on the staff of Eagle County Paramedics, or when you see the staff of Eagle County Paramedic Services, please give them kudos — buy them a drink, lunch or something nice for the work they do … especially Josh, Kristina and Aaron. There was also another young man (Ben?) who might have been part of Vail Valley Rescue who was involved in this event. Lastly, a big thank you to my niece, Ashley.

Karen Woodard


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