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Letter: Kulas column was out of line

Every commentary writer understands when they put their byline to a commentary they are fair game for criticism; it comes with the territory.  But I honestly thought the Vail Daily adhered to a higher set of journalistic standards than what was displayed when you published Mr. Paul Kulas column last Saturday.

The Vail Daily’s guidelines for commentary writers are clear: “Name-calling and personal attacks are not allowed; this includes attacks against individuals, businesses or institutions. As stated, the mission of our commentary pages is to promote thoughtful discourse, not to provide a grandstand for bullying.  Our readers don’t care about your personal vendettas.”

So let’s be honest, if Mr. Kulas was serious about rebutting my position he would have written his column and made his point by citing facts, cases and studies and left it there. But instead he chose to impugn my perspective with cynical rhetoric and a series of personal attacks. I couldn’t care less if someone has an opposing opinion, in fact, I think it’s beneficial for civil discourse. But it’s a sad testimony when the editor of an erstwhile fine newspaper doesn’t think making 35 separate derisive and caustic personal references in a 630-word commentary as objectionable. Nate Peterson, Kulas was coloring outside the lines and you know it. I wish you would man up and admit it.

Butch Mazzuca


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