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Letter: Lawyers need to shut down Trump

Lawyers need to shut down Trump

Enough of this nonsense. The American Bar Association needs to support our rule of law and sue President Donald Trump, on the basis of constitutionality, over closing the government (or any part thereof). The logic is quite simple. The Constitution establishes the government. Therefore, closing the government contravenes the Constitution and is illegal. Without an operating government, we have no country. So, come on, lawyers of America. Step up to the plate and save our Constitution, our government and our country.

Bob Croteau

Former Department of Defense executive, Vail

Who’s worthy? Apparently not Dems

I am retired, a former Denver resident, a former lifelong Republican and am now living in Eagle Ranch. As of this writing, some 800,000 federal employees are on furlough due to the partial government shutdown. Our president says that “a lot of them are Democrats,” presumably to make the pain of “no pay check” not so great. Evidently the Democrats caught in the net are less worthy than the Republicans when it comes to family living.

There are probably a lot of African-Americans among that 800,000, and no doubt a number of Hispanic people with ties to probable terrorists, murderers, rapists and thieves. We should probably take them out of the number feeling the pain of the shutdown. Most of them are probably Democrats anyway.

I know that political party is not the same as religion, or skin color and ethnic origin, but if the president insists on drawing the line, soon Democrats will have to wear armbands to identify themselves. It is so difficult to identify worthiness without markings.

Even if the shutdown ends before you receive this email, the point remains. Our president is taking discrimination to a new level.

Thank you for your thoughts,

Fred Caruso

Eagle Ranch

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