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Letter: Leave your dog at home, Kerry Donovan

My jaw almost dropped to the floor when I saw the photo in Tuesday’s paper of Sen. Kerry Donovan’s dog sitting on the couch inside of our state Capitol. What a huge act of disrespect not only for the building, but for everyone in our state.

I remember giving tours of the state Capitol back in high school, and it was always so much fun to see the look of awe on the faces of Coloradans who had come to learn more about our state’s history. And to see how great the building had stood the test of time, from the rose onyx marble quarried here in our state, to the beautiful stained glass windows, depicting our state’s history, to the gilded gold leaf dome. It was a treat to share this with our visitors.

So while we can’t actually access the Capitol building right now, and the outside has had a rough couple of years, I expect more from our elected officials. Sen. Donovan may allow her dogs on the furniture in her house, but she needs to remember that the state Capitol isn’t her house. It’s ours.

Suzy Smith


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