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Letter: Leave issues of sexuality and gender to the parents

On April 5, Eagle County School District determined that the best use of taxpayer funds and educational time was to take 8-, 9-, and 10-year-old children to the Vilar Performing Arts Center so they could watch a performance depicting a male transitioning to a female, complete with tutus and makeup (mixed in with some excellent acrobatics). The show culminated in a provocatively dressed, full-grown man dancing in a sexual manner in front of children. All of this happened without parental knowledge or consent. By Superintendent Phil Qualman’s own admission during his public apology, the performance hurt children.  

Our community has responded with strong and divided opinions about what sexual content and exposure is appropriate for young children. This disagreement in our community’s response actually demonstrates that we agree on one thing: discussions of sexuality and gender are deeply personal and sensitive. This results in different families arriving at different conclusions regarding what is appropriate, and what is harmful. 

Considering our children’s dismal reading and math scores, our community can unify around the fact that Eagle County School District has its hands full ensuring that our children are literate and proficient in math while appropriately leaving issues of sexuality and gender to the parents who have ultimate privilege and responsibility for their children.  

Heather Bergquist

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