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Letter: Legalizing mushrooms is a bad idea

Denverites are fools for legalizing psilocybin mushrooms. The legalization of marijuana has already negatively affected the quality of life here in the Rockies. I know, I have been living in an apartment house full of potheads.

They have no sense of discipline, no respect for the space of others and no sense of social responsibility. All they see and understand is whatever works for them in their narrow, selfish worlds. How much worse will it be with a substance known to produce hallucinations? 

They say that the legal sale of pot has helped the local economy. Colorado has always had more money than it needs; it didn’t need the sale of marijuana to bolster things. And we pay in other ways for the negative effects the drug brings with it.

Druggies will always want to legalize the next drug on the ladder. And they will drag the rest of us down with them.  

Roger Freed

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