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Letter: Let responsible pet owners be responsible

At the risk of sounding anti-wildlife (I am not), who is responsible for keeping wildlife out of my yard, fenced for the protection of my pet and their ability to be free to run? Who is responsible for picking up the mess that wildlife leaves behind in my fenced yard? Who protects my pet from the perils of that mess?

Me, of course, the responsible pet owner. In public areas who picks it up? Nobody. But, let’s build more subdivisions and encroach further on wildlife habitats. So shouldn’t we require dog parks in the development process? Let’s add sufficient properly constructed and maintained dog parks in our existing communities easily accessible to all.

Why does Animal Control choose to ticket handicapped pet owners whose pet is totally under their control but is off leash for the safety of the owner?

Why does Animal Control choose to selectively enforce some codes, ticketing responsible pet owners, but not enforcing and ticketing others (in the town of Eagle)?

There are many stories I hear about overzealous Animal Control actions that I take with a grain of salt. But when you think about them for a minute, why would people make up such stories?

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A recent article in the Vail Daily discussed much about protecting wildlife. I think responsible pet owners do much to protect wildlife. Shouldn’t the focus of Animal Control be enforcement actions toward irresponsible owners and their pets?

Tony Tvarkunas

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