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Letter: Let us make this year the biggest Pink Vail fundraising year yet

It used to seem like living a long life was living to the ripe old age of 65 then it went up to 75.

Nowadays, I feel like every day is a blessing. In the past 10 years of supporting Pink Vail, I have lost at least 10 friends from cancer, most of them nowhere near old age.

I believe that the Shaw Cancer Center Spirit of Survival wellness program is a great program for those in the cancer battle and those that have survived. I lost my dad four years ago to brain cancer and there was no support programs available back home. We went to his treatment and then we went home.

Our good friend Kim Kelly Lai was able to use and benefit from these programs that are supported by Pink Vail. These programs would not be paid for by insurance.

I understand that it has been a tough year for a lot of people financially, but I encourage you to support Pink Vail in its 10th and final year.

Remember all the money that is raised stays in our valley.

I raise funds to honor my friends — Cindy, Ann, Bev, Artie, Frank, Bobby, Mike, Jen, Kim and Jeff. Also, my dad Bruce.

Join a team, join individually or donate in a loved one’s name to this great cause. You can celebrate wherever you are.

Pink Vail is March 26-28. Let us make this year the biggest fundraising year yet.

Kirsten Zeller

Team Tele Kim

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