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Letter: Let Vail Resorts worry about its own employees

Chris Romer’s March 14 column “Why do we need workforce housing?” was quick to provide a number of ways that local government can help provide affordable workforce housing, but he left out one key piece of information. Specifically, why local government should be involved at all.

Vail Resorts made nearly $400 million in profit last year, and if it needs to attract employees, perhaps Vail Resorts should do it the old fashioned way and offer higher wages. Is this not a free market economy anymore? Do supply and demand not apply here in the valley? Funny how these big corporations bemoan taxes and overbearing government when it costs them money, but they’re the first ones looking for handouts when it can save them a few bucks.

No doubt, if we raised taxes to cover these government housing projects, Romer would be the first to complain that the government’s interfering with their business and increasing their costs.

Let Vail Resorts worry about attracting its own employees — it’s literally nobody else’s business.

Jeremiah LaRocco


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