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Letter: Let’s all get on the same page with masks

Currently Eagle County only “recommends” wearing masks. In my infrequent travels to national chain stores in Eagle and Garfield counties, I see a tremendous inconsistency in mask policies.

At least 12 counties/cities statewide have mandatory policies including Aspen (City Council), Boulder County (board of health), Glenwood Springs (City Council), and Routt County (Steamboat Springs, board of commissioners).

Many have controversial monetary and jail sentences. My point is: Instead of each municipality/town/business in Eagle County having its own policy, let’s have the county commissioners adopt a countywide policy as we have done with the non-smoking ordinance. We have seat belt laws and speed limits to protect the public. And let’s not overanalyze this like we did with the plastic bag issue years ago, which we are still not on the same page with. 

Bob Moroney


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