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Letter: Let’s avoid the traffic jam

I do not commute upvalley everyday from Eagle but noticed a disturbing trend lately and the Tuesday before Spring Break in Happy Valley: morning traffic. Anyone who leaves Eagle around 8 a.m. undoubtedly already knows — Highway 6 is a bottleneck, and more disturbingly, I-70 is experiencing volume traffic delays.

Bluebird day, no accidents, no construction, just stop-and-go traffic outside of Eagle and Wolcott. For real. As housing and development continue to be a top local issue, we would be remiss to think that the I-70 corridor can forever accommodate continued growth without considering the additional vehicles that come with it. Wouldn’t it make sense to create infrastructure and improve public transport before thousands of more vehicles create the inevitable time-wasting, stress-inducing traffic jams of the daily commute?

Don’t we choose to live here to avoid big city problems? Indeed it is the hallmark of “smart” growth to avoid these pitfalls by being prepared for the problems that growth creates. If we are to maintain the Happy Valley then we must be willing to pause developments until the public infrastructure is sufficient to accept the increased population. If public officials ignore the clear indicators of where we are heading (rush hour), then they are not looking out for the long-term health and prosperity of the people who sacrifice to call this amazing place home. Love people, hate traffic. Just ask Denver or Aspen. 

Patrick Tvarkunas


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