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Letter: Let’s do our part to get CORE Act passed

I have called Vail home for nearly 30 years and served on the Vail Town Council for eight years. While on the council the CORE Act was developed. I saw the citizens and groups advocating for the CORE Act and its previous iterations engage in a vast amount of outreach. They worked hard to invite everyone to the table, regardless of their party affiliation or personal stance on wilderness. There was a sincere willingness to educate, take people out on the land, negotiate and make compromises. That’s why the Town Council supported the proposal and eventually so did the Eagle River Water & Sanitation District. 

The result is the CORE Act. It recently passed the U.S. House of Representatives and is waiting to be brought up in the Senate. 

This is a bill that benefits all of us, whether we are visitors or residents, whether we bike, hike, ski, climb, camp, fish, hunt, or merely drive through our state, soaking in its beauty. Our protected lands provide clean water and air; they safeguard wildlife habitat; they provide quiet solace from the hectic demands of a technological and fast-paced society. And they are open to everyone.   

The CORE Act is particularly inclusive, combining various kinds of protection, from recreation to wildlife conservation to wilderness, as well as the first National Historic Landscape, at Camp Hale. It sets a new standard for how to steward our public lands through inclusion of all voices. 

It is visionary for us to support this well-vetted legislation. I’m grateful to the Colorado leaders who have worked on it for the past decade: Congressman, now Gov. Jared Polis, Sens. Mark Udall and Michael Bennet, and now, along with Bennet, the bill’s co-sponsor Rep. Joe Neguse. 

The CORE Act bill is good for our community, for Colorado and the nation. Now it’s time to move it through the Senate and pass it. I urge all of us to call Sen. Cory Gardner (303-391-5777) and Rep. Scott Tipton (970-241-2499) and ask them to get on board and help lead the passage of the CORE Act.  Let’s do our part to protect our precious public lands.  

Margaret Rogers 


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