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Letter: Let’s get some kid-friendly content in the paper

I hope this letter finds you well. As a local teacher, I wanted to take the time to suggest that there be a children’s lesson or activity section put in place in the Vail Daily. During this time, we have children that, too, need a place to find new, inviting endeavors as we all go through this new way of life. The kid section could be called “The Kids Corner” for example. This section could provide them with activities including coloring pages, recipes, games, learning pages; just to name a few.

In this time, children are thriving on adventurous and compelling ideas that are directed at them as individuals. Please consider adding “The Kids Corner” and be a part of growing with each and every child in our valley.

Also as an added bonus, if you have individual teachers from the valley submit lessons and activities to this section you are also profiling the great teachers and the work they are doing for our community.

Kenzie Davidson

Eagle County

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