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Letter: Let’s hear it for Kim Langmaid

I would like to congratulate Kim Langmaid as only the second female mayor in the history of the town of Vail. I hope she brings significant changes to the practices of the council — the first being to listen to residents. The town also needs to interact in a more positive but not submissive way with Vail Resorts and I would hope that all three females — Kirsten Lynch, CEO of Vail Resorts, Beth Howard, vice president and chief operating officer of Vail Mountain, and Kim can bring some sanity and renewed safety to the on-mountain experience. Last year was a disaster.

Vail Resorts should be reigned in for the numbers of people on the mountain area, regardless of the number of Epic passes sold. Skiers should pay for parking, not the residents of Vail for having more buses for too many skiers/snowboarders.

The mission of Vail Resorts used to be that they would work with the communities within which they operate and protect nature within the communities that they operate. That seems to have been totally erased — so that now they just have “act with integrity.” Wow. It would seem that they have no integrity by simply erasing everything that they previously supposedly stood for.

Look out for our beloved bighorn sheep. They don’t stand a chance — unless we do with our new mayor.

Kirsty Hintz

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