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Letter: Let’s improve pedestrian and cyclist safety in Vail

This afternoon, while walking home from the park with my 2-year-old daughter and dog on Chamonix Lane, we came a few feet from being struck by a car traveling at least double the speed limit. We were walking in clear view, against the flow of traffic, inside the “sidewalk” (a white line painted on the side of the road).

I support the town of Vail’s promotion of walking, cycling and public transportation, but unfortunately, the streets do not provide adequate safety for these modes of transportation. I urge the Town Council to discuss possible remedies including year-round speed humps on residential streets and building actual sidewalks or protective barriers for cyclists and pedestrians. Monitoring speeds with officers rather than radar signs would be much more effective in enforcing the speed limit.

I also urge drivers to obey speed limits and to stay vigilant for pedestrians and cyclists. As the town of Vail continues to promote walking, cycling, and public transportation, I hope they can improve infrastructure to ensure pedestrian and cyclist safety.

Mark Brownson


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