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Letter: Let’s join together to stop Hockett Gulch

Citizens of Eagle and Gypsum, will you join me in applauding Patrick Tvarkunas for his attempt to petition the Eagle Town Board for a public vote on the monstrosity that is Hockett Gulch? Despite the fact that he did not follow the legal procedure in securing the petition, his heart was in the right place. He discovered that many Eagle citizens are dismayed and concerned about the impact that a project of that size will have on our town, and yet it seems that the Town Board and the Planning and Zoning Commission are full speed ahead on building this 500-unit behemoth along with the Haymeadow project, which, when combined, will put thousands more cars on our already-congested streets.

Yes, I know the congestion is nothing compared to Denver, and it’s worse at only certain times of the day, but those times are when everyone is trying to get to school or work and then home again. Put thousands of more cars in the mix and, really?

When I called the town’s Public Works Department to ask if there were any plans to mitigate the current dilemma of trying to enter onto Highway 6 from either Capital Street, Broadway or Church Street during rush hour, I was told: “No, you should find another route.” Really? In the Oct. 24 Vail Daily, Eagle Town Manager Brandy Reitter was quoted as saying, in regards to the whitewater park, “It’s very important to the town that we listen to our constituents and are being prudent and doing what we can.” Really?
Let’s join Mr. Tvarkunas and do what we can to convince the town of Eagle that this is not a good solution for the future of our town.

Darcelle O’Connor


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