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Letter: Let’s just keep it the Gore Range

Chris Neuswanger’s proposed solution to the name of the Gore Range issue as the “Gorsuch Range” is not practical as are other so-called solutions.

The authority on these matters is the U.S. Board On Geographic Names, whose “Principles, Policies and Procedures” manual states that a person must be deceased for five years before that name can be considered. And in five years, the thought of renaming the Gore Range will have dissipated to hardly of interest to anyone.

The renaming issue of the Gore Range is mostly an artificially created vanity idea of a group of privileged progressives who perceive themselves as upset over a hunting trip of some 150 years ago that had no practical consequences then or of relevance now to modern society. It is one that hardly anyone is aware of or cares about today.

The board will not rename a feature, much less an entire mountain range within a wilderness area — and one that encompasses about 12 different jurisdictions. Several of the larger jurisdictions are against renaming the Gore Range.

Nor will the board rename a longstanding generational name of some 150 years in current usage with alternative names that have had no previous usage with the feature.

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I have a more practical solution: Let’s just keep it the Gore Range. It doesn’t need to be renamed. And in my opinion, renaming the Gore Range is not going to happen.

Joe Kramarsic


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