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Letter: Let’s keep the Colorado Classic coming back

Stage 2 of the Colorado Classic featured a circuit around Avon followed by a two-thousand-foot climb of Daybreak Ridge and the obligatory descent back into town for the finish. It was an entirely women’s event. The history of this event began with The USA Pro Challenge featuring UCI Pro Tour men’s teams in a longer multi-stage event that proved untenable, from a financial standpoint.

I’m not writing to weigh the attributes of one over the other but rather to extoll the virtues of this year’s event. Let’s begin with the facts: A field of 80-plus women finished a 50-plus mile ride that included the 2,000-foot climb of Daybreak Ridge in just over two hours, on average time. Yes, that does mean the gal having the worst day can lay waste to us (I ride pretty well) without breaking a sweat.

Again I’m not writing to comment on the obvious talent. My emphasis is the showcase the amazing athletes, and the Altitude Sports television coverage (which on Stage 2 was fantastic) that viewers were treated to. Honestly, I’d forgotten how amazing the Daybreak Ridge climb is, and I’ve done it many times.

Watching the race reminded me of just how amazing our valley rides are. Whatever shape the Colorado Classic may take in the coming years it is imperative we as Colorado riders support and stay involved in pro events that show everyone else what we already know — to be a real rider, road or mountain, you need to be able to ride Colorado, period. The fact that California has sustained a top pro-level event, The Tour of California, and Colorado seems unable to is patently absurd! Let’s do better, and ladies, thank you for reminding us, ride strong!

Andy Lanes

West Vail

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