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Letter: Let’s not pave paradise

Is Eagle County paving paradise with the following development projects?

Berlaimont: a four-mile two-lane paved access road requested by a developer through our White River National Forest across a highly-used recreational area containing critical winter range for elk and deer threatening populations that have already declined 50% in the past 10 years to serve 19 high-end homes.

East Vail: Vail Resorts is proposing affordable housing units in critical winter range for the areas only bighorn sheep herd, Colorado’s state animal, who will likely not survive without that habitat.

Eagle: Town of Eagle approved the first phase, 146 housing units, in the Haymeadows subdivision where this picture was taken. The proposal calls for a total of 837 dwelling units. No more elk or deer will be grazing here, they will be pushed back into ever-shrinking habitat.

As a community, it’s imperative we are strategic about our growth because our way of life depends on it! Consider why we live here — the beauty of nature that surrounds us, recreation outside our door, abundant wildlife, minimal traffic, a small-town appeal where we care for our neighbors. Are we willing to sacrifice those values in the name of growth?

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Contact your elected officials, they need the benefit of your voice. Ask  U.S. Forest Service supervisor Scott Fitzwilliams to say no to Berlaimont! Request the town of Vail and Vail Resorts to build affordable housing in another location and permanently conserve the critical winter range for the bighorn herd. Let the town of Eagle know you do not support rampant growth, a total of 837 new “dwelling units?” Really?

Jacci McKenna


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