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Letter: Let’s plant more bamboo for pandas

The pandas are going extinct from the world, and pandas are no longer being seen often in the wilderness. I once went to the zoo in Denver and asked if there were pandas and they said that there were no pandas because they weren’t in the forest. So they did not have pandas to show to the people. It was a few days later when I discovered the pandas were going extinct. I knew why the pandas were going extinct and I found out that somebody is stopping the pandas from finding new bamboo.

If the pandas don’t find the bamboo, they will run out and all of them will die and we will never see the pandas in our lives. If we don’t plant new bamboo so the pandas have something to eat they will die. We should plant new bamboo so they could be in this world for years so we could keep seeing them in our lives. I think we should start planting more bamboo so the pandas don’t die of hunger. 

And if the pandas go extinct, we will never see them again to have entertainment. If the pandas leave this world, people would have nowhere to go to see pandas. So I think we should start a bamboo program where people could plant bamboo near the pandas so the pandas don’t die of hunger. If we do that, they can keep on living in this world and we could keep on seeing the black-and-white animals on this earth. We could learn more about what they can do.

In conclusion, I think we should plant bamboo in the forest so the pandas can eat that bamboo so that they can keep on existing in this world. We can keep on seeing them so we can know what else they can do so they can be useful for things that we have not done yet to see what else we can do with pandas.

Fifth grade, Avon Elementary School

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