Letter: Let’s protect the sheep

I am Tanner Vaughey, a 10-year old visiting Vail. I’m staying with my family in Vail.

On the way to the mountain, I saw a large preserve with many of the endangered, rare, bighorn sheep. I was alerted that this was the state animal of Colorado. I have also been alerted that the folks at Vail Resorts are going to build a large development for employees. I also have been told that this is the only place that the sheep can survive naturally.

Well, of course there are zoos, but high light usage can easily kill the animals because they will not know when to sleep and rest, forcing them to die of exhaustion. Also in zoos, many animals need light, while the sheep need darkness.

When I’m heading to the mountain, I want to look and find the sheep, but who wants to look at an employee building? Plus, I’m from New York, and there are plenty of buildings there.

Another thing that catches my eye is that in the Rockies of Colorado, you have so much space. For the sheep, they have one place to thrive. Isn’t the main goal of Vail to keep the animals and environment healthy?

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I hope you consider what I’m saying. I really mean it.

Tanner Vaughey

Bronxville, New York

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