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Letter: Let’s see some gold on Vail Mountain

I am so happy to see all the attention given to cancer awareness in the valley.  Pink Vail is a wonderful event and those who it benefits are more than worthy.  

I wanted to mention the article a few days ago that listed cancers and the corresponding colors that highlight them. It neglected to include that gold is the color for all childhood cancers. I think this deserves some attention because childhood cancers are probably the most underfunded nationally. According to the National Pediatric Cancer Foundation, less than 4% of the entire of the federal cancer budget is being spent on all of them combined.  

That’s right folks, we spend more than twice as much on prostate cancer research in the United States as we do on all childhood cancers!  

Many kid cancer treatments date back decades and often do horrible damage to little bodies when administered. They can cause lifelong problems and even shorten life spans. When a kid dies with cancer it takes away many years of life and leaves families devastated with broken dreams and thoughts of what could have been. Many never even had a chance.
Maybe our kids deserve a little more than what is currently being done.
I hope to see some gold on the mountain on March 28 to honor all the kiddos who fight so hard with so little.

Keep it up, Pink Vail!  Awareness is the key to change.

John McKay

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