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Letter: Let’s work together toward the center

The Commentary page of Friday’s Vail Daily features two columns side by side. One is a thoughtful appeal for a centrist government written by Chris Romer, arguing that the way forward in our divided country needs to be centrally located, for although it won’t completely satisfy far-left or far-right extremists, a moderate path will address the real needs and issues of a majority of Americans.

The other, a column by Cal Thomas, is an appeal to stop immigration, on the grounds that it takes jobs from Americans, brings gang violence, and can spread COVID more widely. Thomas, a nationally syndicated columnist, works hard to hit buttons that incite anger and resentment. There are some inaccuracies in his column, and some intentional fudging, but the point is that the column by Thomas underlines why the political program outlined by Romer is so needed, now more than ever.

For more than 400 years, people from around the world have willingly faced extreme hardship and deprivation to come to America, seeking a better life for themselves and their families. There have always been economic consequences to immigration, and beginning in 1882, America has controlled immigration to greater and lesser degrees. But America has never closed its doors on immigrants — the very people who have made it the culturally rich, great and diverse country that it is.

It is our American belief in working toward democracy and fairness to all that has made America unique in the world. Hard work, sacrifice and the willingness to come together for the greater good, whatever country you come from, are the universal values that bind us together as one race — a race of Americans.

Joe Illick


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