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Letter: Library an essential service

There are plenty of public entities that deserve praise for their above-and-beyond efforts at providing service during the COVID-19 pandemic. The Eagle Valley Library District is among that number but has been overlooked in news coverage.

During those first days of the pandemic, it certainly required both courage, determination and ingenuity for the Library Board and staff to decide to keep the library service operating, and then figure out how to do it. That service was a lifeline for many whom the quarantine has kept housebound.

Books have always been an avenue of escape from the troubles of daily live. Hurray for the librarians who continued to work, processing online telephoned requests for books, then donning masks and gloves and providing curbside delivery service.

There is no way to tally how many hours of reading pleasure that decision provided for the general public. But it would be fun to see the Vail Daily dig up the details on library circulation numbers since mid-March. It would also be interesting to know what was going on behind the scenes to keep the books sanitized and usable for the next customer. When everything else shut down, the libraries kept going.

The libraries are now open on an appointment-only basis. I know of a number of people who are jubilant over the opportunity to again step into their beloved library.

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Keep up the good work and wonderful service, Eagle Valley Library District. Thanks.

Kathy Heicher


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