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Letter: License plates and us

I have lived here in the valley and Colorado for close to 50 years, and we used to make a game of how many out-of-state plates we could count in a day driving on Interstate 70 from Denver to Vail. I remember that over 10 in a day was quite a lot.

Today, this story is quite different. I think sometimes there are more out-of-state plates than Colorado plates. The three states I see the most from are California, Texas and Florida. So, I started to ask the drivers of these plates at gas stations and pickups at schools if they were visiting Colorado, and, to my surprise, most of the people I spoke to said they lived here.

So my follow-up question was: Why then they did not have Colorado license plates? And many times the answer was: It’s cheaper to keep the out-of-state plates than getting Colorado ones. I think this is not quite right.

If you are going to stay here, you should not make Colorado a place of convenience but a place that you are proud of and can call home. So, please spend a few extra bucks; get your Colorado plates; and join the rest of us who are honored and proud to be Coloradans.

Jan E. Helén

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