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Letter: Life lessons from Dave Gorsuch

Thank you, Richard Carnes, for your recent column on one of Vail’s patriarch’s, Dave Gorsuch. Your story is a great reminder to all of us the impact we have on one another, how lasting wisdom is shared and the reminder to express gratitude.

I met Dave at K2 Ski Camp in Grande Targhee, Wyoming in 1972 as a 16-year-old. I was struck that this dad would come up in mid-June for two weeks to set ski gates for us kids so we could practice on the high glaciers. His presence had a greater impact on me than the featured ski coach, Spider Sabich. You see, Dave was there helping us kids (and his sons — I don’t recall which ones) improve our racing skills. He was there for us.

I was raised in a family where my adoptive father never attended a practice, let alone a football, baseball game, or for that matter a ski event. Dave’s lesson to me, in 1972, had a profound impact on how we raised our two sons. Never, ever, ever miss a practice or one of their games. From T-ball to soccer, to competitive team and high school ice hockey, we were at every practice possible, every game, no matter — Colorado, Detroit or Canada.

Thank you, Dave Gorsuch, for the lesson you taught me about being a great father. Your lesson had a profound impact on my parenting, and I believe is being passed multi-generationally to our two sons and now their children. Dave was a giant in Vail, yet quiet and humble in his footsteps. I am grateful for his life-lesson to me — unintended, but caught by a 16-year-old. My only regret: I did not seek out Dave in recent years to personally thank him for the lesson.

The reminder to all of us: Be attentive to life lessons others teach us and be certain to express your gratitude to them, if possible. Life is short and uncertain.

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Steve Booren

Greenwood Village and Vail

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