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Letter: Lindsey Vonn not ‘ditsy’ for making statement about President Donald Trump

As Richard Carnes may or may not be aware, we are in the midst of a profound political crisis in this country (“A personal please to Lindsey,” Tuesday, Dec. 12). Not only do we have an immoral, dishonest, bigoted, misogynist bully for a President, Donald Trump is but one of thousands and thousands of men who have used their power and position to demean, harass and even sexually assault women and girls with utter impunity.

By patronizingly describing Lindsey Vonn as “ditsy” and suggesting that she “unwittingly” helped to politicize the Olympics, Carnes has all but aligned himself with the “self-righteous morons” he calls out in his column.

Not only does he demean Vonn’s intelligence in the most sexist way (would he call LaBron James “ditsy” for politicizing basketball when he called Trump a “bum”?), Carnes apparently believes that the world of high-profile athletics is ground so sacred that free speech and acts of political courage on and off the field should be suppressed and punished, lest they ruin fans’ good time.

I suppose Carnes also blames kneeling football players for politicizing professional football.

As mostly black men, many of whom have endured bigotry and racism throughout their lives, not only do they have every right to publicly express their outrage at the current state of racial affairs, they are morally obligated to do so.

Maybe the political, economic and racial/gender status quo in this country is acceptable to Mr. Carnes. But for those of us who believe that bigotry and misogyny have no place in a civilized society, we are obligated to voice our views in whatever public forum we deem appropriate.

Bravo to Lindsey to speaking truth to power!

Alex Markels


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