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Letter: Local nonprofit being evicted

When we moved here four years ago I was a shell a man, depressed and ridden with anxiety. My experience in Iraq was very hard for me to process. The onset of PTSD is a sneaky beast and totally dismantled my life for years.

In 2011 I hit the bottom, got help, and reunited with my wife and daughters I had lost in the struggle. Skipping forward, I start adopting goats. This was therapy ushered in by the universe. My passion is to bring joy to others, so I started building my dream sanctuary. The idea is to provide therapy for veterans and other victims of trauma.

We have been working very hard on this dream and have adopted 18 animals now. This forcible eviction of us is beyond cruel. We could file a motion by Monday morning to fight the eviction at least long enough to find new property but we simply don’t have the money.

We will likely be ushered out of here by the sheriff on July 15. My wife and our two daughters, two dogs, two cats, seven goats, five alpacas, Walter the cow, and a guinea pig will be homeless unless we find a place. I am scared for what could happen to the animals and heartbroken for my family being put through this. What a shameful thing to do to a family and these sweet creatures. We won’t give up but we need your support now more than ever. Find out more about our mission at zehrgoatranch.com.

Billy Zehr


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