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Letter: Look around — climate change is happening

Anyone who still does not believe climate change is happening is a self-deluded fool with eyes closed. The melting poles, the horrible floods, and the fires made worse from record heat should provide a clue.

Anyone who does not understand that humans are the major cause of climate change is being willfully ignorant. I always wonder about plain ordinary people who think they know more than atmospheric scientists.

We go blithely along fracking, drilling, wasting and polluting, while the Earth, as we know it, is dying (that incudes the ski industry).

Many of the fossil fuel companies have acknowledged that alternative energy is more cost-effective and that they can transition and retrain. And then, President Trump gives them more tax breaks and loosens environmental rules to discourage them from changing.

We need to get this unbelievable administration out if we are to have any chance at all of changing our path — and encouraging India and China to do the same.

Eagle County ballots will be mailed on October 9. Please vote based on your intelligence and knowledge. Throw in a little emotional concern for this planet. There is no Planet B.

Katherine Delanoy


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