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Letter: Make sure your voice for America’s future is heard

As registered voters in Colorado, we have the opportunity to express a desire for change, or the maintenance of the status quo, by returning our mail-in primary ballot by Feb. 25 or delivering it to the county clerk’s office by 7 p.m. on March 3. If you are in high school, born in the United States of America, and your 18th birthday is on, or before, the Election Day this fall, and you have not registered to vote yet, you can do it at your high school! If you’re already registered, you’ll receive a primary election ballot in the mail. Vote your vision for America’s future.

Whatever our political affiliation, religious beliefs, sexual orientation, conspiratorial beliefs, or cult affiliation, as citizens, and registered voters, we all have the right, and the privilege to express our beliefs this month in the primary election. Vote for the candidate that best expresses your beliefs, and a vision for Colorado and America’s future. It’s as easy as filling out a ballot and returning it. 

Our vote is the root of our great democracy. Make your aspirations for America known with your vote. Let’s make America’s future all it can be by voting in the primary this month and in the general election in the fall. As a proud naturalized American citizen and a Vietnam War veteran, I trust that everyone’s vote makes a difference, and our participation will move Colorado and our great nation forward. It’s both our privilege and our greatest responsibility to America as citizens.

Paolo Narduzzi


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