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Letter: Mandate masks already

To Vail Mayor Dave Chapin and the Town Council: Some days ago, you received a letter signed by 70 people and endorsed online by a still growing number of local citizens.

This was not just any group of citizens. This included some of Vail’s best and brightest. The letter was eloquently written, contained substantiating facts and had one conclusion: If we are going to get out of this pandemic anytime soon without decimating our community, we need to get serious about the use of masks. Starting yesterday.

While there was misleading direction from health officials 100 days ago, there is no question today: Masks help reduce the spread of this insidious disease.

How can anyone second-guess the opinions of Dr. Anthony Fauci, the World Health Organization and Vail Health? What possible conspiracy theory could question the motivation of these people who have dedicated their lives to helping mankind?

Bill Maher and Marco Rubio even agree on this one. Mr. Rubio said it best last week, “Everyone should just wear a damn mask.” (It might have helped if he had added a couple of tips on how to wear them correctly. They work better when they cover your nose and they do not work at all hanging around your neck.)

Why is Christy Sports, Vail Resorts, Disney Theme Parks, AMC Movie Theaters and countless other businesses across the country mandating their guests use face coverings? (Kudos to our local businesses that are actually enforcing the request to wear. Special shout-out to Ace Hardware for jumping on this so quickly months ago, working harder and making less in the process.)

This is our town. Some of our citizens and second-home owners are afraid to come to Vail Village. Some of our local businesspeople have predicted a second wave and stated that we have “reopened” too quickly.  (Why are the thoughtful all hoping they are wrong about this and the arrogant know that this is all a hoax?)

How much longer can we wait on Denver or Eagle County or Washington, D.C. to call for a mandate (If they ever do)?

Over 100 days of “encouragement and recommending” has gotten us nowhere. This is not a “personal freedom” issue.  This is a worldwide pandemic health emergency.

With less than 140 days until opening day, you must act now!

Please enact an emergency ordinance requiring the use of masks within the boundaries of the town of Vail.  Sure, it is complicated, but it is not rocket surgery and we are smart enough to figure how to implement such an ordinance. Sure, some people will be upset, but ultimately you will be found to be on the right side of history.

Stephen Connolly


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