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Letter: Mandated ‘manicured lawns’ in Eagle Ranch using too much water

Editor’s note: In July 2016, following the passage of Senate Bill 13-183, the Eagle Ranch Design Review Board adopted a new policy regarding xeriscaping. Find a link to this and other documentation at http://www.vaildaily.com.

I read with interest and some degree of surprise the statistic in the article which pointed out that approximately 80 percent of the water usage in Eagle at it’s summer peak goes to irrigate our lawns and foliage (“Eagle readies for construction of $23M water plant,” Saturday, Aug. 19).

It seems to me that if we changed our approach to living in this semi-arid climate (between 10 inches and 20 inches of rain per year), we could certainly make a dent in this peak water usage.

Eagle currently receives approximately 13 inches of rainfall yearly, which is not much more than Tucson, Arizona, at 12 inches. Yet the Design Review Board covenants for our location in Eagle Ranch mandate “a minimum of 40 percent of the front yard must be manicured lawn” and be irrigated accordingly.

I believe a sizable contingent of the Eagle Ranch residents would be interested in decreasing the amount of manicured and irrigated lawn and replacing it with xeriscaped foliage, as has been done widely and beautifully in other semi-arid climates. A simple change in the covenants could allow this, and the savings in peak water usage could be significant.

Mike Ansfield

Eagle Ranch

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