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Letter: Marijuana tax ballot question reeks of counterfeit caring; vote ‘no’

Legalizing pot? I voted against it. But I’m not voting for 1A, either.

Frankly, the hypocrisy of 1A is rather nauseating. Is mental health for our adolescents really the reason for the tax? Or are we just being played again with the old “it’s for our children” bull?

It’s crazy. The same county government folks who licensed Eagle-Vail’s business strip into anything but Fonzarelli’s “Happy Days” community are now engaged in their latest “counterfeit caring” campaign.

So now it is mental health that will add to their coffers. Perhaps they should instead focus on undoing all the many policies and programs that keep young people infantilized into their late 20s and even beyond.

We keep our children institutionalized and bereft of contact with any adult other than a teacher for most of their day and wonder why at 16 they still behave like children, and at 24, too many of them have few or no adult coping skills. Surprise: depression, anger, self-doubt and inability to deal with the world as it really is.

But a mental-health program will cure everything, right?

Tom Chastain


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