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Letter: Wearing a mask is a small compromise

I am writing in response to recent comments from parents on Facebook and in the Vail Daily commending the school district for not requiring students to wear masks heading into the school year on the basis that this will allow students to breathe. I do understand that there are challenges with mask-wearing; students and teachers don’t get to see each other’s faces and read facial expressions and emotions. Masks may exacerbate acne. They fog your glasses if you wear them.

But they certainly don’t keep students from breathing. Nor do they keep the many service workers — including grocery store clerks, paramedics, police, firefighters and doctors — from breathing. These noble people who have kept our economy going and us fed and safe, have worn masks all along for their benefit — and for those who are more vulnerable.

Things more uncomfortable than wearing a mask: gasping for air, coughing up blood, permanent lung damage, a ventilator, medical debt, burying someone you love, harming a stranger or someone you love, and dying prematurely. This is a real illness. If you don’t believe this, I implore you to speak to one of the many health care workers who have been traumatized by having to intubate people, watch them struggle to breathe and sometimes watch them die.

Please trust the district to follow state and federal recommendations and require mask wearing if it becomes necessary. With the delta variant raging and spreading through Colorado and Eagle County, we will be fortunate if our students get to go back to school five days a week as planned. Mask-wearing would be a small compromise if it allows us to have our students in school full time again.

Pavan Krueger

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