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Letter: Mazzuca is in denial on race

Butch Mazzuca’s most recent column reminds us why you can’t trust any conservative Republican. I’m not here to defend Critical Race Theory but two points that are absolutely true that Mazucca denies are that race is a social construct and that racism in America is systemic. Anyone who knows much about biology and America’s history knows that there is no real scientific way to determine genetically someone’s race.

Also we know America has imposed race definitions throughout its history, which are not based on facts, but racism. To create someone to look down upon. As to systemic racism, just look at housing, health care, education, voting access, policing to see consistent and ongoing structural racism. It’s interesting that the Nazis looked to America for some of their racist ideas but found the absolute, “one drop of blood” American theory as too radical for them. The only way for evil to flourish is for good men to do nothing.

Charlie Allen

East Vail

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