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Letter: Mazzuca’s mea culpa

The quote at the end of Butch Mazzuca’s recent column captured it perfectly: “… when character is lost, all is lost.”

Butch finally admits that he was wrong in supporting Trump, justifying his prior support because he liked many of Trump’s conservative accomplishments. But what happened last week was not to be unexpected, it was the culmination of Trump’s four years of increasingly abhorrent and aberrant behavior.

A reason for voting for Trump in 2016, he states, was his opposition to “corrupt Hillary” (a common catch phrase but continually lacking hard facts). But if corruption and a lack of morals are his concern, why hasn’t Butch ever criticized Trump’s misogynistic behavior, his divisiveness, his support of racist, white supremacy, his refusal to release his taxes and his cheating on and obvious underpayment of taxes (I mean less than $1,000 for two years in a row!)?

Where was Butch’s outrage for America’s exploding deficit and Trump’s tax cuts, which were skewed to benefiting corporations and wealthy Americans? Where is his reprehension for Trump’s failure in confronting COVID-19: denying for months its seriousness, undermining his own scientists and opining that simple prevention methods (like wearing masks) were an affront to personal liberties? Where is his outrage for the tens of thousands of Americans, who have needlessly died from COVID, or the tens of millions currently living in economic misery?

Where is his outrage that Trump has spent the past two months undermining democracy by alleging fraudulent elections (but only where Trump lost) and arousing his rabid base? Where is Butch’s outrage over the 63 needless court cases which challenged election results, many of which had been certified by Republican state officials? Where is his outrage with the right wing media, which has, too often, accepted and repeated Trump’s conspiracies? Where is his outrage with (fist raising) Josh Hawley and Ted Cruz which, through their groundless electoral objections, pandered to Trump’s followers in order to feed their 2024 presidential ambitions despite the obvious danger to democracy? Where is Butch’s call for prosecution of Rudy Giuliani with his inciteful call for “trial by combat”?

Until this past week, Butch has – like the Republican party – continually condoned Trump’s abusive actions as long as they got some of what they wanted. Finally, Butch diverts attention from his shortcomings by expressing concerns about Biden’s health, Kamala Harris and Nancy Pelosi and the impending socialism under a Biden government.

Butch, that’s not admitting wrong, that’s simply admitting to your lack of character.

Kent Lupberger

Eagle Vail

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