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Letter: Michael Kaddatz for Holy Cross Energy board

I have had the pleasure of working with Michael Kaddatz and his family within the local community and the church organization. As a retired professional, Mr. Kaddatz has actively pursued opportunities to serve others and his community. His extensive experience in the energy field has already been established.                                                                            

Michael is highly organized and is particularly adept in eliciting feedback from others in order to improve the services required. He has consistently demonstrated an ability to effectively enlist and empower people in roles that match their abilities and gifts. Most importantly, Mr. Kaddatz’s character and integrity are impeccable. He sets and follows high standards and is committed to maintaining those standards. People like working alongside Michael and appreciate his leadership. This is why I am casting my vote for Michael Kaddatz for the open position on the Holy Cross Energy board.

Brian Hester


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